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Smart. Safe.


safe plug's Smart stringer
Technology that provides a safer trade show experience!

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Convention Electric Inc. uses patented SafePlug technology that works behind the scenes solving the toughest issues plaguing the temporary power, trade show and exhibition market in convention centers and hotels.


Protects facilities and exhibitor equipment from circuit overloads and fires by integrating SafePlug into each stringer box putting both equipment and circuit protection down at the point of use.

Real-time detection and protections from Open Neutral and other major power quality issues with intuitive LED's providing immediate feedback if fault or corrupt power conditions.


Enables accurate electrical distribution to appropriate booth locations.


Provides accurate wattage to each booth as requested by exhibitors or preset by management.


Allows preset and limits booth package power by management.


Relieves power infrastructure issues and protects exhibitors by  detecting and reducing power when not being used.


Eliminates unauthorized use of power between adjacent booths—no more embarrassed or frustrated exhibitors.


Prevents event cleaning staff from tripping exhibitors circuits with vacuum cleaners.


Detects wattage overload and allows exhibitors the ease of upgrading wattage.

Scalable from 10 to 100,000 exhibitors!

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